Tulay – Bridges – Taytayan

Bridging the gaps: culture, education, power, race and wealth through observations, reflections and reviews.

Lisud « Tulay – Bridges – Taytayan

Lisud « Tulay – Bridges – Taytayan



I have been trying to define this project since April. It has taken a long time.

I keep leaving, only to end up going back, again and again. So here I am with ideas dancing around in my head. I know the “whys” but not the “hows”. Not yet anyway.

It has been difficult. Lisud kaayo!

Lisud means difficult. Trying to bridge cultures will be a challenge. I have been trying to find materials and vehicles that will help support and sustain the cultural bridges, that I am hoping to build.

Will my writing resonate enough to motivate readers to enter thoughtful responses?


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Hello world!

Welcome – dayon diri!

Tulay is the Visayan word for bridge, so is taytayan.

Visayan is spoken in central Philippines and the island of Mindanao.

I will be sharing my experiences, my knowledge and my thoughts – please, feel free to jump into dialogue or discussion – and my vision of a better world may not be the same as yours but we can still talk.

Balik, balik!

May God be with you and your loved ones always.